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Exotic, mysterious, exhilarating and magical. At some point, we have all been captivated by the stunning imagery of China. Whether it be the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Terracotta Warriors, Tibet, majestic river scenes, rolling hills, soaring mountains or the Giant Panda, China captures our imagination like nowhere else. A huge country full of beauty, adventure and friendly people, China is a must see for any serious traveller.

Black Dragon Pool, Lijiang Old Town, China 2008 Tour In 2008 Adventures Unlimited are running a very special trip to visit China and its neighbours. This tour will take in the very best cultural and scenic locations in all of China over an itinerary of approximately 30 days. The tour will finish in Beijing with the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games and participants will then have the option of staying to attend the events of the Olympics, continue travelling through Asia (or anywhere else in the World) or begin the journey back home...

The exact itinerary is still being finalised. You can see the most current plan by clicking on the itinerary link to the left. We will continue to work on this itinerary as we receive more information from our contacts in China and feedback from people intending to join the trip.

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Karst Valley, Guilin, China Tour

Giant Buddha, Hong Kong

Reed Flute Cave, Guilin, China 2008 Tour